Central Depression

We contribute to strengthen resilience processes from an agroecological approach in Chiapas.

The region of the Central Depression of Chiapas is an extensive semi-flat area bordered by the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, the Central Highlands and the Northern Mountains, within which different valleys are defined. The depression is drained by the Grijaiva River. It is located in the center of the state with an area of about 13,900 km2 and an altitude that ranges between 420 and 900 meters above sea level. Fragments of tropical deciduous forest are found here, along with secondary habitats, crop areas, urban areas and pastures. Its population is mainly mestizo, but there are also Zoque and Mayan peoples.

The Problem

The Central Depression of Chiapas is a semi-flat and extensive zone with interspersed valleys, and although the soils are deep and of alluvial origin, in the lomeríos zones the soils are thin and stony. This zone presents aspects of hydric stress in diverse times of drought of the year, by the type of vegetation that they present, which generates susceptible factors to the degradation of soils by the intensity of conventional agricultural management, added to the deforested areas for agriculture due to the accelerated processes of degradation of the soils by the inadequate practices of slash-and-burn.

Forest nursery

We produce 100,000 tropical plants annually for the revegetation of the territory. From the purchase, collection and harvesting of seeds we produce around 15 species among them, guanacastle, guash, matarraton, maquilishuat, primavera, caobilla, teak, cypress, African tulip, ash, oak, avocado, chinini, etc.



We accompany peasant processes to share and add knowledge in the field.


We strengthen nature with local communities through forest plant donations and reforestation events.

Laboratory of Experiences

We produce and evaluate species diversity and agroecological techniques for their appropriation in the field.

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